In the name of God the compassionate, the merciful



Gaza, a city in Palestine with over 1.5 million populations, has been besieged by Zionist usurper forces for a long time. Gaza's oppressed and wronged people are now in their worst situation and are deprived of first needs of living. For which reasons?  Why Zionist forces don't allow any necessary thing to come to Gaza strip?  Only because its people are supporting Hamas? About two years ago, Palestinians voted Hamas to be the ruling power to their country. Is this a big fault? One of the greatest human disasters of several decades is happening and international associations are in complete silence and strangulation.


To international associations:

You always make resolutions even for the least word on history forged by Zionist forces and don't even allow any scientific work to be done on how these Zionist forces were made. You who always make resolutions on small problems of independent countries like Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Afghanistan! You who always talk about human rights and the need to have human rights ... aren't it the right time to open your eyes and see the realities? Haven't you seen the bullet which has gone into a suckling baby's stomach? Speaking the truth, for what sins have they been killed? Don't you see the tears of oppressed mothers and children of Gaza who are crying for their fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters and mothers? Believe that your acting will be kept in nation's historical memory, and no longer will be disintegrated because of this partisan acting of yours and a new system will be ruled over international associations. A kind of system based upon justice and human rights, which you have never heard anything about it.


To Arabian governments:Arab Government

What has become to you? You're crying for Arabs to be united has made the world deaf. Why are you so silent about Zionists' weak and absurd crimes? Aren't Palestinians and people of Gaza of the same race and religion and gender of yours?  Is it wrong that people of Gaza, themselves, chose Hamas? So why some of you Arabian governments, along with western cruel governments have boycotted Hamas and are supporting surrounding Gaza in Hinder?  When are you going to wake up?  When are you going to take yourself out of cruelty? You must know that an Islamic vigilance is taking up and if you don't correct yourself, without any doubt, would be taken away by your own nation and Islamic governments will be ruling your country. Come with this crowd of Muslims of the whole world before it drowns you ...


To Hosni Mobarak and its regime in Egypt:hosni mobarak

Your situation is really critical. Don't you remember Anvar Sadat? Have forgotten that his chest was opened by Muslim fighter martyr Khalid eslamboli? Why don't you learn a lesson from those before you? Haven't they gone around the world to see what happened to those who were before them? Can't you open Passage of Rafah to your fellows?  You can do but the fear of Zionists and American government and devoting to them has made you unable to do this. So know that your falling is soon.

To you Hosni Mobarak ruling to Egypt for 27 years and have make a dictatorship for yourself. We warn you that the ending of pharaonics and coptics would be nothing but death and suffering. And what fires and tortures are made ready for them in futurity. So, either change your route or wait for revolutions of Khalid Eslambolis and what a bad fate is waiting for you if you do so.


 To Zionists regime:

What have Gaza's people done to you? Isn't it right that they just want life and voting right? So, why don't you respect their primitive right? Is it lawful that you don't allow any food packages like milk powder and meat and etc. to enter to Gaza strip? What fault and crime have Palestinian children done that they have to lose life because of the lack of food and sanitation? Do you stand this kind of violence on children? You who claimhuman rights, why do you reject the rights of Palestinians and residents of Gaza strip?



To Arab people and world's Muslims:

We say this to ourselves and all the Muslims all over the world: Stand Up.  It's time to answer Gaza's call for help. Muslims of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, African and European and south American  countries, and Muslims of America ! We must unite and end surrounding of Gaza.


To Muslims of Gaza:

You, oppressed people of Gaza know that we Muslims of Iran and all over the world haven't forgotten you and will not cease until complete breaking of the surrounding of your city. In the path along freedom of Gaza and our common value which is the freedom of Palestine, we will not cease and will go on...


And the last word:

Standing till the end...